My name is bingo, and I like to tell stories, either through animation or writing or whatever.
Uh check the stuff out and yeah ok bye!

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hello again! Been awhile, but that's life I guess. Wanted to come out of digital slumber to say that I've had some animations made and published in some collaborations! I'm gonna figure out how I wanna put some of these out on Newgrounds individually, but for now I'll drop links to the videos themselves!

The first is for the "Bee and Puppycat Reanimated" which came out last week or so. A lot of cool people worked on this, and it took a year or so to get fully completed! Check it out! The rest are all collaborations I did for Game Grumps, which is kind of surreal honestly. One of the first things that really got me to consider animation as a career was Egoraptor, and by extension the Game Grumps Animated videos, so being able to contribute and work with them is very exciting for the younger me. Anyway, in chronological order, I was apart of the Fake Sponsors Collab, the Bright and Shiny Porcupine Collab, and then finally (for now) the Ghoul Grumps Spooky Collab.

That last one is one I'm super proud of, and I think I'll be posting it on its own here somewhere, but later. I'm also thinking of making some process videos for several of these shots, but I know that Newgrounds is more for "finished" work and less process videos, so those process videos will probably end up on YouTube, if I get around to them.

I have a lot of projects on the dome that I've been meaning to get around to. I moved and started a new job so making time to finish things has been a bit rough, but hopefully there will be more to see later. Thank you to anyone reading this and following me or looking at my work. I have way to many ideas for different things I wanna make, but hopefully I get around to making something more original in the coming days!

Alright, that's all. Go home or go to sleep or whatever you do after reading four paragraphs. I'm gonna play some video games or something. See ya.

P.S. my W key isn't working super well, so if a W is missing or something it's my keyboard and not my illiteracy that caused that.