My name is bingo, and I like to tell stories, either through animation or writing or whatever.
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isBingo's News

Posted by isBingo - October 14th, 2021

hello again! Been awhile, but that's life I guess. Wanted to come out of digital slumber to say that I've had some animations made and published in some collaborations! I'm gonna figure out how I wanna put some of these out on Newgrounds individually, but for now I'll drop links to the videos themselves!

The first is for the "Bee and Puppycat Reanimated" which came out last week or so. A lot of cool people worked on this, and it took a year or so to get fully completed! Check it out! The rest are all collaborations I did for Game Grumps, which is kind of surreal honestly. One of the first things that really got me to consider animation as a career was Egoraptor, and by extension the Game Grumps Animated videos, so being able to contribute and work with them is very exciting for the younger me. Anyway, in chronological order, I was apart of the Fake Sponsors Collab, the Bright and Shiny Porcupine Collab, and then finally (for now) the Ghoul Grumps Spooky Collab.

That last one is one I'm super proud of, and I think I'll be posting it on its own here somewhere, but later. I'm also thinking of making some process videos for several of these shots, but I know that Newgrounds is more for "finished" work and less process videos, so those process videos will probably end up on YouTube, if I get around to them.

I have a lot of projects on the dome that I've been meaning to get around to. I moved and started a new job so making time to finish things has been a bit rough, but hopefully there will be more to see later. Thank you to anyone reading this and following me or looking at my work. I have way to many ideas for different things I wanna make, but hopefully I get around to making something more original in the coming days!

Alright, that's all. Go home or go to sleep or whatever you do after reading four paragraphs. I'm gonna play some video games or something. See ya.

P.S. my W key isn't working super well, so if a W is missing or something it's my keyboard and not my illiteracy that caused that.

Posted by isBingo - June 1st, 2020

Uh hey! Just realized I haven't done one of these for a months or so! Since November I think? God, it's been a solid minute and the world has kinda gone to shit and a lot of other stuff, but I continue to march onward and make things kinda just whenever I feel like it. It'd probably be best to say a hearty "hello!" to all of the new folks that walked in, and a loud "THANK YOU" to all the people that viewed, voted, and favorited my work! Got front-paged which was super cool, and was honestly like the highlight of the month last month! It means a lot that people like seeing my stuff, and I'm excited to make more things to put here!

There's not much to really update on, other than I have things waiting in the wings for work and such, and I've tossed my metaphorical hat into a view reanimated projects that aren't close to being out yet, but some of my contributions are done so I'm just waiting on those! Will hand out updates like candy cigarettes when the time comes for those! From what I've seen, there's gonna be a lot of cool stuff to see in all of them!

In the meantime, I'm working to continue making stuff just whenever I feel like it I guess! I have a couple different animation project ideas, but a lot of them are either too ambitious or too stupid to see the light of day, at least for now! Maybe I'll make a short dumb thing soon just to test the waters. Probably something spiderman related, idk. Oh yeah I also have a webcomic thing I definitely want to make at some point ... though idk if that will get posted here or somewhere else. Webcomics are weird.

Was that it? I think that was it. Thanks again for looking at my stuff and being interested in the things I do! I like doing this stuff and I like that people also like it and yeah. Ending these sorts of things are a mental challenge for me so I'm just gonna say the first word that comes to mind and be done.



Posted by isBingo - November 7th, 2019


I've been busy working on a lot of things for school, but I also did some work on my first ever reanimated project! I did a couple segments for the recently released "Over the Garden Wall" Reanimated Project to reanimate the first episode, which you can see by a clicking this link. You should check it out and see all of the talented folks that put a lot of work into it. There are pieces of the episode that didn't get reanimated due to some complications with people's schedules and such and such whatever, but you should still check out all of the cool people that did get their segments completed!

I also made a video showing my segments, as well as the process for how I made them, which I uploaded both to YouTube (link to the one on YouTubes) and here on Newgrounds (link a to the Newgrounds one)!

I also also recently uploaded a looping animation I made for school and posted on social medias for October's #Animonthly! I'd like to keep making fun animated thingies for #Animonthly and posting them here! They'll probably be more loops and such, but they'll be entertaining nonetheless. Oh yeah, you can check out the looping thingy here, and also be sure to look into any kinds of #Animonthly posts on wherever you social media. You might see things you won't believe!

That's all I've got to talk about. Hope one of those things is a fun and engaging thing to watch, and I also hope that if you see this you stick around and see whatever other fun things I may have in store. Gonna probably upload some old animation things I'm happy with on to here soon, but I'll also try to get some new things made, probably within the month.

Have a good day!


Posted by isBingo - May 17th, 2019


i made a music video for one of my friend's songs and that's pretty cool i guess.

ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out:

oh yeah go here to see video